BO-51-244 : Capilano Stadium Opening

 This is the Capilano Stadium from June 16, 1951. You probably know it better by it’s current name, the Nat Bailey Stadium. The stadium originally opened for business in 1951, but I was unable to find the exact date. From this view, the grounds around the stadium don’t appear to be complete yet.


1-171 : Kelowna, Knox Mountain

 This is a view of the Knox Mountain in the North End area of Kelowna from 1951. Some of the streets in the image are Wilson Ave, Cawston Ave, Coronation Ave, Clement Ave and Ethel Street.


1-79 : Burnside South

 This is the Burnside area of Victoria, looking north-west, from 1951. You get a great view of the sawmills and housing in Burnside and you can practically see all the way up to the west side of Saanich.


1-9 : The Pattullo Bridge

 This is a great view of the outskirts of New Westminster looking north from the Pattullo Bridge. You can see the old B.C. Penitentiary in the background and beside it the old Provincial Mental Hospital.


1-10 : New Westminster Waterfront

 This is an interesting photo of the New Westminster waterfront from 1951. The steamship in the picture is the Royal Mail Line’s “Loch Avon”, a cruise ship operating in the Pacific and run jointly with Holland America Lines.


BO-51-238 : Brighouse Race Track

 This is what was left of the Brighouse Race Track in Richmond from 1951. Brighouse was originally called Minoru Race Track when it first opened in 1909. It closed in 1914 when the first world war began and reopened in 1920 as Brighouse. It operated for 22 seasons until finally closing forever in 1942 when…