54-61 : Tsawwassen USA Boundary Bay

 This is a photo right along the USA / Boundary Bay border taken in 1954. It is taken from the Point Roberts side of the border looking north-west towards Tsawwassen. It appears as though the US border is situated just above the horse race track.


54-30 : Gibbons Drive, Richmond

 This is Gibbons Drive in Richmond from 1954, approximately where James Thompson Elementary School now sits. The intersection at the very top of the image is No. 1 Road and Granville Avenue.


BO-54-161 : Langley Prairie

 This is Langley Prairie, part of the Township of Langley, from 1954. A year later the city incorporated as a separate municipality and it became known as the City of Langley.


BO-54-201 : Abbotsford East

 This is the east end of Abbotsford from 1954. The big intersection just up from the center of the image is the intersection of Essendene Avenue, West Railway Street and Montvue Avenue.


BO-54-142 : Victoria

 This is Victoria just west of Beacon Hill Park from 1954. You can still make out the Empress Hotel and the Parliament Buildings off in the distance.


BO-54-232 : Haney Bypass

 This is a view of Haney from 1954. It’s the area of what is now the Haney Bypass. The two streets that you see coming down toward the river are 223rd and 224th Streets. On the far right you can just make out the Port Haney Brick & Tile Company. What there was of “downtown”…