BO-48-3540 : Penticton Saw Mill

 This is the Penticton Saw Mill and adjoining Kettle Valley Railway Station from 1948. The rail station was located on the west side of central Penticton between Hastings Avenue and Duncan Avenue West.


BO-46-374 : Kelowna, Downtown / West Side

 This is an interesting shot of Kelowna from 1946. It shows the Downtown, South Central and West Side areas before the bridge was built. The Okanagan Lake Bridge wasn’t constructed until 1958. Before then, a ferry was used to cross the lake.


BO-52-275 : Strathcona

 These are the docks in the Strathcona area of Vancouver from 1952. The main building in the center-top of the photo is the American Can Factory. You also get a great view of the railyards, Ballantyne Pier and the surrounding neighborhood. Some of the streets in this image are Powell Street, East Cordova Street, East…


BO-55-265 : West Point Grey Overview

 This is a slightly higher altitude overview of the West Point Grey area of Vancouver from 1955. You can see from Spanish Banks all the way back to the Vancouver Airport, and you get a nice view of all the buildings that make up the Jericho Beach Air Station.


1-171 : Kelowna, Knox Mountain

 This is a view of the Knox Mountain in the North End area of Kelowna from 1951. Some of the streets in the image are Wilson Ave, Cawston Ave, Coronation Ave, Clement Ave and Ethel Street.


55-63 : Cambie Street Bridge South

 This is a view of the south end of the Cambie Street Bridge from 1955. You can see a good chunk of the Mt. Pleasant and Fairview areas of Vancouver all the way back to Queen Elizabeth Park. The photo itself is labelled “Johnson Storage” but I was unable to find any information about the…