BO-50-42 : BC Ice & Cold Storage

 This is the BC Ice and Cold Storage building in the Hastings-Sunrise area of Vancouver from 1950. The main street running left/right near the lower part of the image is Dundas Street. The street in the lower-right corner is North Nanaimo Street. This entire area seems to have turned into apartment buildings.


BO-48-2734 : Canada Creosoting Ltd.

 This is an image of Canada Creosoting Company Ltd in North Vancouver from 1948. The mill was located just west of what is now the North Shore Auto Mall. The entire area has yet to be filled in. You can see the water runs right up to the railway tracks near 1st Avenue.


1-79 : Burnside South

 This is the Burnside area of Victoria, looking north-west, from 1951. You get a great view of the sawmills and housing in Burnside and you can practically see all the way up to the west side of Saanich.


BO-53-41 : Granville Bridge Construction

 This is a cool shot of the construction of the new Granville Street Bridge from 1953. You can still see the old Granville Street Bridge in operation just to the left. Unfortunately, the image is not as crisp as some of the others, but still really interesting.


59-241 : Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal

 This is Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal under construction from November 4, 1959. An artificial island was built and the causeway was constructed from the island back towards the mainland. This endeavour used an estimated 3.0 million cubic yards of boulder, rock and gravel fill.


BO-56-364 : Grandview and Renfrew

 This is the area of Grandview Highway in Vancouver from 1956. The street running left/right at the bottom of the image is Renfrew Street and we’re looking back towards Burnaby. It’s amazing how much this industrial area has changed.


BO-48-3305 : Keith Road, North Vancouver

 This is Keith Road West in North Vancouver from 1948. The two cross streets are Forbes Avenue and Jones Avenue. You can see the St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Secondary School in the lower-left corner and Mahon Park in the background.