BO-48-2734 : Canada Creosoting Ltd.

 This is an image of Canada Creosoting Company Ltd in North Vancouver from 1948. The mill was located just west of what is now the North Shore Auto Mall. The entire area has yet to be filled in. You can see the water runs right up to the railway tracks near 1st Avenue.


1-9 : The Pattullo Bridge

 This is a great view of the outskirts of New Westminster looking north from the Pattullo Bridge. You can see the old B.C. Penitentiary in the background and beside it the old Provincial Mental Hospital.


BO-47-2544 : Dunbar Street

 This is a view up Dunbar Street in the Dunbar-Southlands area of Vancouver from 1947. The cross-street at the bottom of the image is West 28th Avenue and the street at the top of the image is West King Edward Avenue.


BO-47-2451 : Wreck of the “Gulf Stream”

 During a heavy storm in October 1947, the passenger ship Gulf Stream ran aground on Dinner Rock, approximately 18km north-west of Powell River. Five of the 36 people on-board were killed. The ship sat on the rock for three weeks until it slipped into deeper waters.


BO-47-2588 : The Airport in Vancouver

 This is the Vancouver Airport main terminal from 1947. Through the 1940’s the airport was actually more of a military base which the city leased out to the Federal Government. In 1947, the city of Vancouver resumed control of the airport and begun serving a number of airlines. A year later in 1948, the airport…


BO-56-357 : New Westminster Woodwards

 This is a shot of the “stand-alone” Woodwards in New Westminster from 1956. The store was only two years old when this photo was taken. It was torn down in 1991 to make room for Royal City Center Mall.


53-112 : Brentwood Mall

 This is the Brentwood Mall area of Burnaby from 1953. We just miss the Lougheed Highway at the bottom of the screen. Willingdon Avenue is on the left and the big cluster of trees on the lower quarter of the image is now Brentwood Mall.


53-110 : Brentwood Park

 This is the Brentwood Park area of Burnaby from 1953. The street at the bottom of the screen is Lougheed Highway and the street running up the right is Delta Avenue. Not much there, yet.


BO-47-1812 : Mission

 This is the city of Mission from 1947. No Mission Bridge yet. That wasn’t completed until 1973. Before then, people used to drive across the train bridge to get from Abbotsford to Mission. Check out the line of cars doing just that…