BO-56-364 : Grandview and Renfrew

 This is the area of Grandview Highway in Vancouver from 1956. The street running left/right at the bottom of the image is Renfrew Street and we’re looking back towards Burnaby. It’s amazing how much this industrial area has changed.


BO-48-3305 : Keith Road, North Vancouver

 This is Keith Road West in North Vancouver from 1948. The two cross streets are Forbes Avenue and Jones Avenue. You can see the St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Secondary School in the lower-left corner and Mahon Park in the background.


BO-48-3089 : The Mission Region Flood

 This is a higher altitude shot of the area east of Mission during the big flood of 1948. The flood affected Nicomen Island, Deroche, Dewdney, Dewdney Peninsula, Hatzic and Mission Flats. A total of 13,135 acres of agricultural land were flooded by the Fraser with 514 houses lost to flood waters.


58-51 : Empire Stadium Ski Jump

 This image shows the construction of a giant ski jump in Empire Stadium. In April of 1958, a 50m high ski jump was constructed for the 3-day long “Centennial Invitational Tournament.” It took the 25-man crew 13 days to set up the structure. Two machines capable of converting 300-pound blocks of ice into “snow” in…