BO-48-3405 : Eburne Sawmill, Marpole

 This is the Eburne Sawmill in the Marpole area of Vancouver from 1948. The sawmill used to sit roughly where the Grant-McConachie Way Bridge now resides. The street you see going off the top of the image is SW Marine Drive.


BO-54-142 : Victoria

 This is Victoria just west of Beacon Hill Park from 1954. You can still make out the Empress Hotel and the Parliament Buildings off in the distance.


59-262 : Park Royal Shopping Center

 This is the Park Royal Shopping Center in West Vancouver from 1959. Back then, only the “North Mall” existed. The “South Mall” didn’t open until 1978. You can also just make out the Toll Booths for the Lions Gate Bridge which weren’t removed until 1963.


BO-54-232 : Haney Bypass

 This is a view of Haney from 1954. It’s the area of what is now the Haney Bypass. The two streets that you see coming down toward the river are 223rd and 224th Streets. On the far right you can just make out the Port Haney Brick & Tile Company. What there was of “downtown”…


1-66 : Inner Harbour Victoria

 This is a bit if a higher up shot of Victoria’s Inner Harbour from 1951. You get an excellent view of the city and houses surrounding the downtown core. Check out the ships in the harbour.


BO-48-2813 : Kitsilano

 This is a really low altitude photo of a subdivision in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver in 1948. The intersection near the middle of the screen is West 1st Avenue and Maple Street. At the top of the image you’ll see Henry Hudson Elementary.