BO-48-3069 : Barnet Lumber Mill

 This photo was originally labelled as being in Bennett, BC, but it was decided that this is incorrect. It is actually the “Best Wood Cedar Shingle Company” mill in Barnet, BC, now part of Burnaby located on the Burrard Inlet. This is a great shot of the Lumber Mill while it was still there. You…


BO-47-1450 : Victoria Downtown

 This is a shot of downtown Victoria from 1947 looking south-east towards Fairfield. The Hudson Bay Company store can be seen just bottom-left of center. It also looks like there is a bit of a rail yard just off Chatham Street.


62-10 : Kamloops Flats

 This image was titled “Kamloops Flats Indian Reserve”. It was taken May 16, 1962. After doing a bit of research I’m having a hard time confirming if this really was an Indian Reserve. Any information would be appreciated.


BO-48-3540 : Penticton Saw Mill

 This is the Penticton Saw Mill and adjoining Kettle Valley Railway Station from 1948. The rail station was located on the west side of central Penticton between Hastings Avenue and Duncan Avenue West.


BO-54-161 : Langley Prairie

 This is Langley Prairie, part of the Township of Langley, from 1954. A year later the city incorporated as a separate municipality and it became known as the City of Langley.


BO-47-2585 : Vancouver Airport / Boeing Plant

 This the Vancouver Airport from 1947 looking south-east towards the Boeing Plant. In 1939 Boeing built a huge manufacturing factory on Sea Island to build aircraft for the war effort. Following Japan’s surrender at the end of the Second World War, the plant immediately closed leaving 7,000 workers stunned and scrambling for work.