BO-47-650 : Burkeville, Sea Island

 This is the community of Burkeville on Sea Island, in Richmond, from 1947. It was established in 1943 as a port of the Dominion Government’s Wartime Housing Plan. You can see the Vancouver Airport in the background.


BO-46-374 : Kelowna, Downtown / West Side

 This is an interesting shot of Kelowna from 1946. It shows the Downtown, South Central and West Side areas before the bridge was built. The Okanagan Lake Bridge wasn’t constructed until 1958. Before then, a ferry was used to cross the lake.


BO-57-425 : The Old Carling Brewery

 This is an image of the old Carling Brewery from 1957 which was located at the corner of 12th and Arbutus in Vancouver. You can also see Connaught Park and Kitsilano Secondary School in the background.


BO-51-238 : Brighouse Race Track

 This is what was left of the Brighouse Race Track in Richmond from 1951. Brighouse was originally called Minoru Race Track when it first opened in 1909. It closed in 1914 when the first world war began and reopened in 1920 as Brighouse. It operated for 22 seasons until finally closing forever in 1942 when…


BO-52-357 : Metrotown

 This is the Metrotown area of Burnaby from 1952. The main street running through the photo is Kingsway. The area where Metrotown stands now is a Ford Auto Plant, a Kelly-Douglas Company warehouse and an old school. You can even see the foundation of an even older school beside this one. Two years after this…