BO-47-2531 : Burrard Dry Dock 2

 This is another view of the Burrard Dry Dock in North Vancouver from 1947. There are a lot of ships under construction. The main street in the center of the photo is Lonsdale Ave. Up the hill near the top of the photo, Queen Mary Elementary school can be seen proudly standing.


BO-50-54 : Capilano Highlands

 This is the Capilano Highlands area of North Vancouver from 1950. To give you a rough idea of where we are, Paisley Road falls near the center of the image. It’s very likely that the Capilano Suspension Bridge is actually toward the top-left corner, but is hidden behind all the trees.


BO-52-331 : Pattison’s Estate

 This is an image of North Vancouver which was labelled “Pattison’s Estate” from July 8, 1952. It shows a large estate near what is now 1st Street East and St. Davids Avenue. The entire area has now been converted to houses.


56-144 : Lions Gate Toll Booths

 These are the toll booths at the North end of the Lions Gate Bridge from 1956. Welch Street is at the bottom with Mathias Road on the right. The tolls remained on the bridge until 1963.


BO-48-2734 : Canada Creosoting Ltd.

 This is an image of Canada Creosoting Company Ltd in North Vancouver from 1948. The mill was located just west of what is now the North Shore Auto Mall. The entire area has yet to be filled in. You can see the water runs right up to the railway tracks near 1st Avenue.


BO-48-3305 : Keith Road, North Vancouver

 This is Keith Road West in North Vancouver from 1948. The two cross streets are Forbes Avenue and Jones Avenue. You can see the St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Secondary School in the lower-left corner and Mahon Park in the background.


1-137 : North Vancouver House Fire

 This is a really amazing photo of a house fire in North Vancouver from 1951. It must have been flown VERY low. It’s the most detail I’ve seen out of any air photo so far. The house fire is near the corner of St. Andrews Avenue and East 4th Street. Further up the hill you…


BO-47-2573 : Burrard Dry Dock

 This is the Burrard Dry Dock site in North Vancouver from 1947. It was situated at the base of Lonsdale Avenue and built over 450 ships in 87 years. You can also see the North Vancouver Ferry Company before it became the SeaBus.