BO-47-1637 : Thornton Rail Yard

 This is the CN Thornton Rail Yard from 1947. This active rail yard was located just west of the (now) Port Mann Bridge on the Surrey side of the river. Check out all the steam locomotives! In the top-right corner of the frame you can just make out King George Highway.


BO-48-2862 : Brownsville, Surrey

 This is the Timberland Lumber Company Sawmill, located in the Brownsville area of Surrey, from 1948. The dock that you see near the sawmill, might very well be the remains of Surrey’s only ferry terminal. It operated between Surrey and New Westminster up until the late 1800’s. In the background, of course, is New Westminster.


57-69 : CN Thornton Rail Yard

 I’m fairly certain this photo is the CN Thornton Rail Yard in the Port Mann Bridge area of Surrey. The quality of the photo certainly isn’t the best (there’s lots of motion blur), but I love the content : both diesel and steam locomotives and a beautiful roundhouse.