54-61 : Tsawwassen USA Boundary Bay

 This is a photo right along the USA / Boundary Bay border taken in 1954. It is taken from the Point Roberts side of the border looking north-west towards Tsawwassen. It appears as though the US border is situated just above the horse race track.


59-43 : Tsawwassen, Beach Grove

 This is a photo of the east side of Tsawwassen taken on April 20, 1959. The intersection near the center is 12th Ave and Beach Grove Road. The Beach Grove Golf Club doesn’t look much like a golf course yet, although one document I found said it actually opened in 1929. The “city” part of…


59-241 : Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal

 This is Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal under construction from November 4, 1959. An artificial island was built and the causeway was constructed from the island back towards the mainland. This endeavour used an estimated 3.0 million cubic yards of boulder, rock and gravel fill.