57-178 : West End

 This is the West End of Vancouver from 1957. It seems to be completely free of high-rise buildings. The one tall apartment building in the center/left is the Georgian Towers Apartments, with West Georgia St. just to the left and Alberni St. just to the right of the building. That leaves Robson, Haro and Barclay…


57-60 : Mary Hill Bypass

 This is the location of the Mary Hill Bypass in Port Coquitlam from 1957. Interestingly, the City of Port Coquitlam claims that the Evans Coleman and Evans aggregate gravel plant did not open here until August of 1960, but this photo from 1957 clearly shows a working plant. The Mary Hill Bypass itself did not…


57-69 : CN Thornton Rail Yard

 I’m fairly certain this photo is the CN Thornton Rail Yard in the Port Mann Bridge area of Surrey. The quality of the photo certainly isn’t the best (there’s lots of motion blur), but I love the content : both diesel and steam locomotives and a beautiful roundhouse.


BO-57-425 : The Old Carling Brewery

 This is an image of the old Carling Brewery from 1957 which was located at the corner of 12th and Arbutus in Vancouver. You can also see Connaught Park and Kitsilano Secondary School in the background.


57-51 : Hastings-Sunrise

 This is the Hastings-Sunrise area of Vancouver from 1957. You get an excellent view of Taylor Manor, a home for the elderly, and the Provincial Industrial Home for Girls. You can also make out Empire Stadium, Hastings Racecourse and the PNE off in the distance. This is one year before the wooden roller coaster was…