54-61 : Tsawwassen USA Boundary Bay

 This is a photo right along the USA / Boundary Bay border taken in 1954. It is taken from the Point Roberts side of the border looking north-west towards Tsawwassen. It appears as though the US border is situated just above the horse race track.


BO-47-2531 : Burrard Dry Dock 2

 This is another view of the Burrard Dry Dock in North Vancouver from 1947. There are a lot of ships under construction. The main street in the center of the photo is Lonsdale Ave. Up the hill near the top of the photo, Queen Mary Elementary school can be seen proudly standing.


59-43 : Tsawwassen, Beach Grove

 This is a photo of the east side of Tsawwassen taken on April 20, 1959. The intersection near the center is 12th Ave and Beach Grove Road. The Beach Grove Golf Club doesn’t look much like a golf course yet, although one document I found said it actually opened in 1929. The “city” part of…


BO-50-54 : Capilano Highlands

 This is the Capilano Highlands area of North Vancouver from 1950. To give you a rough idea of where we are, Paisley Road falls near the center of the image. It’s very likely that the Capilano Suspension Bridge is actually toward the top-left corner, but is hidden behind all the trees.


BO-52-331 : Pattison’s Estate

 This is an image of North Vancouver which was labelled “Pattison’s Estate” from July 8, 1952. It shows a large estate near what is now 1st Street East and St. Davids Avenue. The entire area has now been converted to houses.


BO-47-1453 : Work Point Barracks, Esquimalt

 These are the Work Point Barracks in Esquimalt, just outside Victoria, from 1947. Unfortunately the image is not the sharpest, but you get a great view of the Canadian Forces Base along with Imperial Oil and Esquimalt Harbour way off in the distance.


57-60 : Mary Hill Bypass

 This is the location of the Mary Hill Bypass in Port Coquitlam from 1957. Interestingly, the City of Port Coquitlam claims that the Evans Coleman and Evans aggregate gravel plant did not open here until August of 1960, but this photo from 1957 clearly shows a working plant. The Mary Hill Bypass itself did not…


BO-50-42 : BC Ice & Cold Storage

 This is the BC Ice and Cold Storage building in the Hastings-Sunrise area of Vancouver from 1950. The main street running left/right near the lower part of the image is Dundas Street. The street in the lower-right corner is North Nanaimo Street. This entire area seems to have turned into apartment buildings.


1-79 : Burnside South

 This is the Burnside area of Victoria, looking north-west, from 1951. You get a great view of the sawmills and housing in Burnside and you can practically see all the way up to the west side of Saanich.