BO-51-244 : Capilano Stadium Opening

 This is the Capilano Stadium from June 16, 1951. You probably know it better by it’s current name, the Nat Bailey Stadium. The stadium originally opened for business in 1951, but I was unable to find the exact date. From this view, the grounds around the stadium don’t appear to be complete yet.


BO-47-1632 : Coquitlam Industrial

 This photo from 1947 covers the industrial area of Coquitlam near the Cape Horn Interchange. Needless to say, it’s barely recognizable. You can make out the railway tracks, with what may be Colony Farm in the upper-right. The street in the top-left corner is now Cape Horn Avenue, which I believe back then was still…


BO-47-650 : Burkeville, Sea Island

 This is the community of Burkeville on Sea Island, in Richmond, from 1947. It was established in 1943 as a port of the Dominion Government’s Wartime Housing Plan. You can see the Vancouver Airport in the background.


BO-47-623 : BC Livestock Exchange

 This photo from 1947 is one of several labelled BC Livestock Exchange. I wasn’t able to find any information about the site, but interestingly, it was located at the foot of Fraser Street where the old Fraser Street Bridge went over to Mitchell Island.


BO-47-1637 : Thornton Rail Yard

 This is the CN Thornton Rail Yard from 1947. This active rail yard was located just west of the (now) Port Mann Bridge on the Surrey side of the river. Check out all the steam locomotives! In the top-right corner of the frame you can just make out King George Highway.


BO-48-2862 : Brownsville, Surrey

 This is the Timberland Lumber Company Sawmill, located in the Brownsville area of Surrey, from 1948. The dock that you see near the sawmill, might very well be the remains of Surrey’s only ferry terminal. It operated between Surrey and New Westminster up until the late 1800’s. In the background, of course, is New Westminster.