BO-47-1450 : Victoria Downtown

 This is a shot of downtown Victoria from 1947 looking south-east towards Fairfield. The Hudson Bay Company store can be seen just bottom-left of center. It also looks like there is a bit of a rail yard just off Chatham Street.


BO-47-1453 : Work Point Barracks, Esquimalt

 These are the Work Point Barracks in Esquimalt, just outside Victoria, from 1947. Unfortunately the image is not the sharpest, but you get a great view of the Canadian Forces Base along with Imperial Oil and Esquimalt Harbour way off in the distance.


1-79 : Burnside South

 This is the Burnside area of Victoria, looking north-west, from 1951. You get a great view of the sawmills and housing in Burnside and you can practically see all the way up to the west side of Saanich.


1-69 : Burnside Victoria

 This is the Burnside area of Victoria, looking south, from 1951. On the left, just above center, you can see the intersections of Gorge Road East, Douglas Street, Government Street and Hillside Avenue coming together in a traffic circle.


BO-54-142 : Victoria

 This is Victoria just west of Beacon Hill Park from 1954. You can still make out the Empress Hotel and the Parliament Buildings off in the distance.