BO-47-2588 : The Airport in Vancouver



This is the Vancouver Airport main terminal from 1947. Through the 1940’s the airport was actually more of a military base which the city leased out to the Federal Government. In 1947, the city of Vancouver resumed control of the airport and begun serving a number of airlines. A year later in 1948, the airport was officially named the Vancouver International Airport.

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  1. Al HubenigReply
    June 28, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    I lived in Sea Island from about 1948 thru 1955.
    My father, Sig Hubenig spent 5 yrs in the Air Force at Pat Bay, when he left he joined QCA, Queen Charlette Airlines. He spent about 4 yrs there, as a flight engineer.
    They are several stories about his time there inculding a crash in a Stran Air flying boat Xmas eve 1946.
    When he left QCA he went to work for Okanogan Helicopters at the Vancouver Airport.
    We left Vancouver in 1955 and moved to Toronto where my dad was operations mgr for Canadian Helicopters at Toronto Island airport. I recall many weekends being taken to the hanger to spend the day messing around. I was even in a t.v. movie in 1957 filmed at the airport about a 10 yr old, me, going up in a helicopter for the 1st time. I was a made for kids show.
    I remember going with my mother to the see the Comet land at Van. 1953?
    I still see the Vampire jets flying around Sea Island.

    Thanks for the site to re-live some memories, Al

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